sprecher24 (sprecher24) wrote,

06.06.14 Славянск. Бой за мирную жизнь. Slavyansk, a battle for a peaceful live...

6 06 2014 The Kiev Junta offense. A war crime. Neo-Nazi crimes against humanity.
Slavyansk. A battle for a peaceful live.
Frames from occupied Slavyansk. Wipers sweep the streets. Home gardens ripen cherries and strawberries - sweet and aromatic. And if there is no war. But recreation park now is neutral zone. Walking here with kids is life threatening. Peaceful life under the blockade goes to the military. City is in the ring. Position of the People's Militia fighters. Since childhood, familiar hills, blooming meadow and grove - now pose a danger. You can get used to everything, but to bury friends is hard. Lulls replaced fighting. Fighting for a peaceful life!

Примечание. Смотреть обязательно. Коротко, мощно-тихо, ясно. И не нужно никакое "Утомленное солнце 4"...
Tags: donbass, luhansk, russia, russland, slavyansk, ukraine, аваков, береза, война, донбасс, донецк, дума, киев, коломойский, одесса, порошенко, путин, россия, славянск, стрелков, турчинов, украина, харьков
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