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5 06 2014 France: John Kerry shakes hands with Sergey Lavrov.
Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia (English): "We would like to see Ukraine peaceful, stable, a place for all those who live in Ukraine."
John Kerry, US Secretary of state (English): "This is the opportunity we hope for Russia, the United States and others, all to come together in an effort to try to make Ukraine that is strong economically, whose sovereignty is respected, whose independency is respected, but clearly is not a pawn in a tug-of-war between other nations, but rather an independent, sovereign country, with an integrity of its borders and people, able to act as a bridge between East and West, with trade and engagement between all parties."
Sergey Lavrov (English): "The Russian-American agenda is much broader than just Ukraine. We would like to see other countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria, many others, also to be in peace, not to be used as a pawn".
Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State, John Kerry both stated the need to ensure that Ukraine is not used as a political pawn during a press conference in Paris on Thursday.
Apart from Ukraine, Lavrov and Kerry discussed Syria conflict and the course of removal of the chemical weapons.

Примечание. В момент ответа Лаврова надо внимательно смотреть на реакцию Кэрри - слегка опешил.



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