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02 06 2014 Ukraine: US to give Ukrainian military $18 million in aid

Derek Chollet, US Assistant Secretary of Defence (in English): "We've discussed two key items this morning: US assistance to Ukraine, including the $18 million we've pledge so far which is almost doubling the security assistance for Ukraine. And importantly, strengthening our long-term defence cooperation. Especially in helping Ukraine build highly effective armed forces and strengthening its defence institutions."
Derek Chollet (in English): "We appreciate Ukraine's efforts over the past two decades to contribute to the regional and global security and stability. This morning we also discussed the on-going violence, perpetrated by Russian-backed separatists in the east, seeking to undermine the democratically elected government of a unified Ukraine."
The United States is ready to give Ukraine $18 million (€13.2 million) worth of military assistance, the US Assistant Secretary of Defence, Derek Chollet, announced Monday in Kiev.
Speaking during a news briefing in the Ukrainian capital, Chollet added that the US intends to cooperate with Ukraine to help create an "effective" Ukrainian army and strengthen the country's "defence institutions."
He also condemned the on-going violence in Ukraine's south-east, which he said was perpetrated by "Russian-backed separatists."
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