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Dez 2012 Libyen, 21+, Реальность разрушенной Западом Ливии. (Eng. sub)

The reality of "new democratic Libya". From the very beginning of the so-called revolution, the number of Libyans who were tortured by gangs of revolutionaries reached several tens of thousands.
8000 women and girls at the refugee camps in Tunisia and Egypt wrote in the survey that they were raped by gangs of "revolutionaries". Now local and international mafia men that participated in the war against the Jamahiriya in 2011, regularly rape the girls under 17 years old in the refugee camps in Tunisia and Egypt. They even try to steal or buy from their parents.
In mid-April 2011, it was recorded that 300 children in refugee camps were raped by gangs of revolutionaries. Gang members raped children of 8 - 10 years in front of their brothers and sisters after having raped and killed their parents.
To disappointment of international foundations members, anyone from victims didn't claim that the soldiers of Libyan Army are rapists. So, they wrote in their reports that the perpetrators belong to the parties which cannot be determined. But the fact did not prevent the global media to accused army of Libya in this crime just a few days later.
Hundreds of children were kidnapped and carried away in unknown destination.
The practice of rape the prisoners captured by rats (rebels) regardless of gender or age has began in February 2011 and still goes on. Almost every day Libyans report about kidnapping and rapes women or girls, girls are mostly abducted. They are being abducted, blindfolded, and then raped with recording it on a video cameras. After it they are forced to come there again or these videos will be made public. How many of them agrees, fearing publicity, is unknown. Resistance knows only about girls who refuse to come and tells all to their families.
A violence against thousands of girls and women held by gangs does not stop. If they become pregnant they have an abortion in Libyan hospitals, each gang has it's own prison for captured women where a lot of them is being held from spring or summer 2011. Abductions of Libyans (including children) for ransom or for organs sale is still going on.

Chaos and anarchy, corrupt officials and bandits who rob what was built and accumulated in the Jamahiriya were planned be the West in advance.
Western governments also planned in advance the appearance al-Qaeda training camps and sending militants to the new victim country
Western regimes did not commit any mistake, on the contrary - they consciously put into chaos a prosperous country.

Nowadays the profit from Libyan oil trading belongs to companies of occupants and to the occupation authorities. The Libyans now using the wealth of Jamahiriya, accumulated by them before. Even police and army of regime don't receive salary for months and they began to plunder Libyans returning to normal business for themselves. At the same time, the occupation regime gave Jamahiriya's money to the countries which took part in the aggression. Hundreds of millions dollars have been paid to Egypt and Tunisia for the involvement of their bands to destroy Jamahiriya. Hundreds of millions dollars have been paid to Turkey. The ruling governments of Egypt and Tunisia closed eye on the crimes committed by bandits against the refugees from Libya. Several hundred million dollars was given to Mauritania for issuing former member of Jamahiriya government. Billions dollars that belong to the people of Libya stolen by NATO will never be returned, they are already wasted by the EU and U.S. officials.

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